5 Things You Should Know About YFM’s DJ Ankletap

DJ Ankletap

DJ Ankletap

Y’FM breakfast DJ, Ankletap, is arguably one of the most loved radio hosts in SA and that’s because he knows how to do his job. We recently caught up with the man to get to know him more and here’s what we found out.

He’s An Introvert


You might be surprised to know that Ankletap is very much reserved and spends a lot of time at home when he’s off air.”Ankletap is sort of like this crazy person whom you don’t know what to expect from and says the things everyone would like to say but can’t, he also your friend and companion. As for Bryce, he’s very much an introverted person and likes to spend time at home and take of those who are very close to him”, said Ankletap.

DJ Ankletap

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He Used To Be A Stadium Announcer

Before being dubbed one of the best radio DJ’s in SA, Bryce used to be a stadium announcer in his hometown of Potchefstroom. His friends were so impressed by his skill that they persuaded him to get into radio.

Sports Psychology

DJ Ankletap studied for a degree in Psychology at the University of Johannesburg. “Back then, part of the dream was to become a sports psychologist and work for the Proteas,” he said.

DJ Ankletap

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Loyal To YFM

On the first day to his return to Y FM’s breakfast slot, we got the opportunity to chat to Ankletap and he revealed that he has no intention of leaving YFM anytime soon when asked about his future plans.  “I think where I am now is where I want to be. I just want to take the current show from strength to strength. Y FM is the station that I’m very passionate about; I can’t see myself anywhere else”, said the DJ.

He’s Open Minded

He describes himself as more of a Chameleon because he’s very much relatable to every South African and can blend in everywhere. He can speak a lot of South African languages and knows a lot of local music from different genres.

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