5 Minutes With The Springbok Nude Girls

The Springbok Nude Girls are one of South Africa’s biggest rock acts and after releasing some new songs last last year after a lengthy hiatus, the brand is ready to rock and roll once again. With a brand-new album scheduled for 2020, the group is working on some brand-new music and have a few shows in the works. However, fans who can’t wait to see the band live again will get a chance at this year’s MixFest which is taking place in Johannesburg later this month.

We caught up with Arno Carstens, the group’s frontman, who opens up about the exciting performances and what the group has in store for 2020.

We’re so excited to watch you at MixFest later this month. What, in your opinion, makes a great live show?

A great line up is essential. Good sound and lighting are also important along with accessible toilets and well stocked bars with enough staff to make sure the queues aren’t too long. But, all of this means nothing without a vigorous media campaign.

South African audiences still connect with your music all these years later. Why do you think so many people identify with your message?

That’s a huge compliment! Thank you. I guess it’s because we did a million shows in the beginning of our career and concentrated on good song writing and put a lot of effort into our live shows . Most of all I think it’s the irresistible band name that still does the trick.

Talk to us about the album you’ve scheduled for next year.

Last year we released 2 songs; namely ‘Beautiful Evolution’ and ‘Best Friends, Best Enemies’; as part of the roll out for a full album that hopefully will see the light of day in 2020. SNG is a collaborative entity. We all give our ideas then we fight it out to see what sticks and what’s cool . Good ideas will always be celebrated as-long as we are proud of the end result.

What inspired the Springbok Nude Girls documentary?

The idea came from a objective view that we should put it all down in docci form for prosperity. It kind of summed up the nude girls in the hectic days . Michelle Pretorius, the director was also a student with us in those early days so she summed up the energy and vibe very successfully. Her passion really drove the making of the documentary.

The band seems to come together ever few years for new music and new shows. What is it about your connection with the band that keeps it alive after all these years?

I can only speak for myself, but I miss the songs and the live show energy and I get to scream and jump around. I partly see it as therapy.

Other than your performance at MixFest, what else can we expect from the group in the coming months?

Mix Fest will be our main show of 2019 and we’re super excited about it. There are a couple of other shows around but 2020 will see the album release and some great big shows if all goes to plan.