5 Minutes With Afrikaans Music’s Hottest New Pop Star: Elandré

He burst onto the scene with his incredible debut album ‘Kleindorp-Dromer’ back in 2017 and since then, Elandré has made an incredible name for himself within the local Afrikaans industry. After his debut album reached gold status in just six weeks, the pressure was on to deliver an exceptional follow-up – and Elandré did just that with his follow-up record ‘Boomhuis’. This week, we chat to the star about his new album, the direction he took on the album and what the future holds now that the album is out.

Congrats on your new album. What did you want to do differently the project this time around?

The process was a bit different this time. This was an opportunity for me to showcase my abilities as an artist and not just a singer. This project involved a period of intense reflection and encompasses my life after I moved away from my hometown of Despatch in the Eastern Cape, the success of Kleindorp-Dromer, and the struggles and achievements that came along with it.


We love the album’s lead single ‘Vuur op die Water’. What inspired that single?

The song is inspired by a variety of things. The song is essentially about how quickly a flame can burn out but, while a flame is something so beautiful, it is also something that can hurt us if we’re not careful with it.

You released an epic music video for the song as well. Tell us what inspired that.

It seems that confidence is sometimes seen as an unattractive trait but it has been the one thing that has lead me through many obstacles before. I really feel that this album marks a time where young people are becoming more confident in themselves. I wanted to celebrate that confidence in the track’s music video. It’s our time to be confident within ourselves and it’s an important lesson I wanted to share.

You seem to have found a place and a sound you’re incredibly comfortable with. How have you grown since the release of your debut album?

Working with other artists and seeing the dedication they have to creating a song has motivated me to really come to the party as well. Since I released my debut album, I’ve experienced a lot of good in the world and embracing that has changed me. It feels good to do good.

The songwriting on ‘Boomhuis’ is exceptional. What, in your opinion, makes a well-written song?

I think song-writing is part expression and part communication. In my song-writing, I always aim to find a balance between those two elements – and I make sure I just have fun with the song as well. If you don’t enjoy creating the music, you can’t expect people to enjoy listening to it.

Sonically you’ve branched out quite a bit on this album as well. How important is it for you to experiment with different genres?

I think it’s critical to learn from other genres. I must say it is rather fun to be able to move inbetween genres in that way. You can tell a story in so many ways. We have to be inspired by the beat and that is not limited to only one genre.

You’ve done a few covers on the album as well. Tell us more about why you chose those particular songs.

By now, I guess you can tell I’m rather nostalgic and the covers are all soundtracks to some of the greatest times I have spent with my family. They all mean so much to me and I am excited to share my version of the songs that mean so much to me.

Now that the album is out, what does the rest of the year have in store for you?

I would like to take this album as far as my car’s service plan allows! I found that the greatest part of bringing out new music is how others experience it. Artistically, I have a lot up my sleeve.