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5 Minutes With Actor Tiisetso Thoka

Tiisetso Thoka

We’re all about fresh talent and seeing it sour to greater heights! One man that’s been on our watch lately is actor Tiisetso Thoka, he’s gained popularity after playing leading roles in Mzansi Magic’s IsiThembiso and season of The Heard. Tiisetso grew up in Limpopo and relocate to Johannesburg when he was 15-years-old – that’s where his career really kicked off, after he joined YOTV. His journey has never been easy; he worked as a salesman and a porter at some stage in his life. We recently caught up with him to chat about his childhood; misconceptions people have about child stars, and quitting Law to pursue acting.

Tell us about growing up in Limpopo. How did your up-brining shape the person that you are today?

It taught me how to respect and appreciate every small thing that I have or that I get. My background was not very good, so whatever I do I make sure it’s good or close to perfection. I was raised in the dusty streets of Ga-Mphahlele, so I was taught to surpass every circumstance in order to elevate to a positive future.

What do you think is the biggest misconception the public has about child stars?

That they get everything on a silver platter and that they are reckless.

Which celebrity would you rate as the perfect 10?

Locally, I’d say Warren Masemola and internationally is Denzel Washington. These celebrities always strive for perfection when it comes to their craft.

How do you decide which roles to take on?

I always want to go for difficult roles that challenge me because they shift me from my comfort zone. I like playing different characters to enhance, grow and showcase my talents in terms of languages and characterisation.

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If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning medal for?

Problem-solving activities or engaging with the audience

What game or movie universe would you most like to live in?

Well, it’s not a movie but a drama series which is Game of Thrones.

You studied Law and left while busy with your training, how did your family take to that?

They were not happy at all, but at least my mother was a bit understanding because she always supported everything I want to do. My father on the other side was not happy at all. I think there was a time where we didn’t get along because of my career choice and I understood that because his argument was that they spent a lot of money for me to study law, which is what I also wanted to do at some point in my life. But entertainment was always my first choice from primary school.

Please share with us your new year’s resolutions.

It’s building new relationships, growing my current relationships and breaking the international market/industry.



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