A 5-Minute Quickie With The K2 Twins

K2 Twins

By @BriMatjuda

Proudly South African and sexiest Mzansi twins alive, Alex and Charlie Kotze, make our hearts skip a beat! We love that they’re hands-on farmers by day and sizzling hot runway models by night!

K2 Twins


They’re talented, young and making big waves in the entertainment industry – just our kinda guys! And we had the pleasure of a one-on-one (well, one-on-two, to be accurate) quickie with the guys.

It’s just too bad we couldn’t have had longer. After all, they definitely have our attention – all day, every day!

Alex and Charlie, tell us a bit about yourselves.
We’re from a small town (Vredendal) in the Western Cape, where we work as farmers, farming with grapes, vegetables, and sheep. We started doing modelling about a year ago, in March 2014. 

You’re farmers by day and models by night – how did it all work out and fall into place?
In the beginning we did our modelling work on weekends, and had to finish the farm work during the week. We farm with our dad, so now he helps by giving us a few weekdays to travel and do modelling work. It’s a tricky setup and we have to manage our time well – between farm work and modelling.

K2 Twins

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
With farming, we enjoy seeing the whole process, in particular seeing the plants grow, looking after them, nurturing them, and then seeing the final product that we can sell to people who enjoy the fruit of our labour. Looking after the food for our country and community is a huge responsibility and honour.
When it comes to modelling, we just love the shoots in general, and learning about the media and entertainment industry and business. We get to meet awesome people, and we travel a lot.

Which celebs have you worked with so far?
We’ve worked with some really awesome celebrities – too many to name… But we’d love to work with Cara Delevingne!

K2 Twins

Who would you still like to work with?
We’d love to work with brands like Calvin Klein International, Guess and Armani. We would love to work on big fashion and lifestyle events in Europe. We’re actually currently considering film, too, and are looking for a good story featuring twins. We heard Jamie McGuire wrote a series of books about the ‘Maddox Twins’ so we are looking into that as a possible movie idea.

Currently, what projects are you working on?
We’re currently recording episodes for our DIY reality show for KykNet called Oulap Se Rooi, which starts on July 2 at 17h30, and we’re also doing lifestyle and fitness work with GNC South Africa (an American supplement company that is now also based in SA). And, of course, keeping the farm going! 

K2 Twins

How do you both stay so handsome!? 
We follow a strict eating plan and try to work out for at least one hour each day.

How do you both handle the attention from hot and bothered women who want to get their hands on you?
Haha! Um, well, we stay on the farm…

Are you single and ready to mingle? Or are you happily taken?
Alex: I have a girlfriend
Charlie: I’m single…

What more can we expect from the K2 Brothers?
For now we’re focused on giving our best for the TV series. But keep checking our social media for updates!

K2 Twins

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