10 Fun-Facts About ‘The River’ Actress Lunathi Mampofu!

emma the river

Lunathi Mampofu joined Mzansi Magic’s The Queen last year and quickly became a fan favourite, playing Benni – a young woman in the drug business.

More recently she’s been getting screentime on the SAFTA award-winning television show The River as Emma.

Check out 13 interesting facts you might have not known about the actress below.


  1. Her dogs are named after film stars Marlon Brando and Uma Thurman.


2. She still sucks her thumb.

3. She bites her lower lip when she thinks.

4. Lunathi used to be an Oprah and gospel singer, even travelled with it.

5. In an interview last year she revealed that she has separation anxiety.

6. She loves dancing with her kids and learning the choreography from music videos.

7. Lunathi designs some of the clothes she wears because she hates wearing something she might see on someone.

8. Her nickname is Nkqi-Nkqi.”


9. She’s been vegan for years.

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