13 Fun Facts About Ilze Saunders

by Bridgette Matjuda
ilze saunders

ilze saunders

Miss Earth SA 2014, Ilze Saunders is a sight to behold. Her honey blonde hair and big beautiful eyes are captivating. Not to mention her slim and trim figure…Talk about hotness overload! The local beauty modelled for us today and we were fortunate enough to catch up with her. The soon-to-be bride who’s set to walk down the isle at Sun City on 3 February 2017 shared 13 fun facts about herself which we bet you also didn’t know about…

ilze saunders

  1. “I love extreme sports like bungee jumping, cliff jumping and all sorts of adventure sports.”
  2. “I prefer sweets…I eat a lot of them”
  3. “I like to laugh. Laughing and smiling is my hobby.”
  4. “I’m greening: I plant vegetable tunnels. I also plant trees at different schools around the country.”
  5. “I’m a Sweat 1000 fan…I’m ALWAYS there!”
  6. “I absolutely love the Sciceutic product range.”
  7. “Every Thursdays without fail, I’m at Sprout Aesthetics.”
  8. “Modern Family is my favourite series…EVER!”
  9. “My favourite movie is Titanic.”
  10. “I don’t go anywhere without applying UFB 3D lashes mascara.”
  11. “I love the colour white. My cupboard is full of white clothes…Wait, is white a colour even?”
  12. “I’m a former Miss Earth SA so I’m involved in their mentorship programme.”

ilze saunders

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