13 Fun Facts About Thuli Phongolo

thuli phongolo

thuli phongolo

Local actress Thuli Phongolo is popularly known for her role as Namhla Diale on Generations The Legacy. The talented beauty ushered us into her world and shared some interesting facts about herself which will have your eyes popping out in disbelief. Welcome to Thuli’s world…

thuli phongolo


1) “I’m a professional lip syncer, lol. I totes enjoy lip syncing to my favorite songs on snapchat.”

2) “My friends and I have our own language, we use slang a lot. It’s kinda difficult to keep up when chilling with us. Lames!”

3) “I’m obsessed with fashion! Everything about it!”

4) “I’m quite inspired by Beyoncé. Her understanding and interpretation of the game is spectacular!”

5) “My make-up collection is so insane, I could be a makeup artist tomorrow. I’ve got tons of makeup!”

thuli phongolo

6) “I can’t sing at all – hence the lip syncing.”

7) “I’ve got natural curly hair which intrigues people so I thought I should mention it! Lol”

8) “I’m a spiritual being, that’s how I keep my sanity!”

9) “Positive vibes are my favourite!!!”

10) “I always go where I’m loved… It’s the best thing you could possibly do for yourself.”

11) “I used to play soccer at school, left-wing.”

12) “I’m obsessed with neat spaces and places! I can’t stand anything that’s untidy except my hair… I don’t like super neat hair.”
13) “I enjoy reading A LOT! #Bookworm!”

thuli phongolo

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