10 Fun Facts About Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth Celebrates Birthday

Liam Hemsworth

By @misszarabriner 

Gorgeous actor Liam Hemsworth rose to fame when he appeared in The Hunger Games and has cemented his place in Hollywood.


Here are a few interesting facts about Liam, who recently turned 26th:

Liam was born on January 13, 1990, in Melbourne, Australia.
• He is the youngest brother of fellow actors Chris Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth.
• When they were little, Luke and Chris would wrap Liam in ‘protective’ layers of clothing and then stalk him around the backyard and shoot him with air rifles.
• Their fighting was apparently so bad that when their parents went on private holidays, Chris had to stay with separate relatives while Luke and Liam stayed at their grandparents.
• He landed the male lead in the 2010 Nicholas Sparks drama The Last Song alongside Miley Cyrus without the help from any agent and after only being in the US for a few weeks.
• Between his auditions, Liam used to lay down floors.
• Before moving to America, Liam starred in an Australian soap opera as a paraplegic.
• His maternal grandfather, Martin van Os, is a Dutch immigrant. The rest of Liam‘s ancestry is Irish, English, German and Scottish.
Liam was considered for the title role in Thor (2011), but lost out to his brother, Chris.
Liam is obsessed with squirrels after seeing one for the first time in his life at Disney.

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