10 Fun Facts About Celebrity Chef Jenny Morris

by Bridgette Matjuda
Jenny Morris

Jenny Morris

Home-grown talented and beautiful cooking maestro Jenny Morris is the author of five books and owner of her own powerhouse brand. Oh, and did we mention that she has cooked for legendary icons near and far including The Duke and Duchess of Kent, Charlize Theron, Thabo Mbeki, Al Gore and a whole host of other shinning stars as well as prestigious brands?
We love her passion for food and zest to experiment in the kitchen while keeping it simple and remaining true to her signature style. Food comes to life at Jenny’s magic touch and her culinary skills know no bounds.

Jenny Morris Chef
Our first encounter of cooking with Jenny was at Zimbali Lodge in the Pinktober of 2015 – courtesy of the South African Sugar Association – and boy, did she school us! Here are some fun facts that we learned while breaking a sweat and trying to keep up with Jenny Morris in the kitchen:

Jenny Morris wine

1. Jenny was born in Durban, South Africa.
2. She currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa.
3. Jenny started cooking for friends from her home – it soon grew into something bigger than she anticipated and she turned it into a business.
4. Jenny Morris – AKA The Giggling Gourmet – is one of South Africa’s most-loved, highly trusted food personalities and ‘flavourologists’.
5. Jenny sings and dances while she cooks.
6. Jenny is a Food Network celebrity chef, presenter, judge and ambassador.
7. She’s cooked for Prince Charles and his 600 guests
8. Jenny lives by the following quote: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
9. Her favourite colour is orange.
10. Jenny has her own brands which include: Jenny Morris pasta, Jenny Morris artisanal wooden products and Jenny Morris wines, among others.

Jenny Morris

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