Easter Fashion: The Power Of Pastels

The change of season usually heralds a move to the warmer colour palette, but put that on ice-for now at any rate- because just at the moment we’re all about: pastels!

Why pastels, you ask? Simple: It’s Easter.

There just isn’t any better time to colour yourself in these delicate hues.


They’re certainly perfect to match your fun and sophisticated Easter Sunday look. And what luck- we’ve put together some fabulously easy-to-achieve outfits, along with a selection of pastel accessories-that’ll have you looking gorgeous enough to put in the Easter Bunny nest.

Mix And Match

Powdery shades of lilac and lavender are great colour trends for the year, whether you’re wearing them in Autumn, spring or summer. Mix up different shades for a playful look.


Earrings: R120, Woolworths


T-Shirt: R229, By New Look, Zando


Pleated Skirt: R579, Zara


Bag: R329, Woolworths


Sneakers: R1099, By Puma, Zando



‘Monochrome’ does not just means ‘black and white’ use different shades of blue which contrast and create interest.

Earrings: R250, By 4Flavour, YDE

Blazer: R499, By New Look, Zando

Crop Top: R499, By Sissy Boy, Zando

Pants: R899, By SissyBoy, Zando

Bag: R249, By utopia, Zando

Heels: R399, By Dolce Vita, Zando



Zando: https://www.zando.co.za/

Woolworths: https://www.woolworths.co.za/

Zara: https://www.zara.com/za/

YDE: https://www.yde.co.za/

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