Celeb Fitness: A Grande Workout With Ariana!

Ariana Grande is a powerhouse superstar in a petite frame who is admired for consistently fit physique, proving that dynamite really does come in small packages. How does she do it, you ask? Well, just follow these tips!

 Flat Stomach Here We Come!

Go Vegan. Ariana has been a strict vegan for the last few years and says it’s one of the best things she could have ever done for her health.


Stay Active. With an already busy schedule performing, Ariana says she takes every opportunity she can to stay active doing things she likes – like hiking.

Keep It Simple. With three quick and easy smoothie recipes on rotation, Ariana knows she always has a healthy meal option and doesn’t need to think about it too much. Oats is her go-to breakfast.

Snack And Sleep Smart. Blueberries are her go-to snack and Ariana makes sure to get plenty of sleep.


Ariana’s personal trainer has highlighted these three moves as the basis of her workouts – she does one move per day 150 times each in between her cardio! Try these recommended sets and reps first.

 Tone Your Arms And Legs

Sets and reps

Beginners: Two sets of 10

Intermediate: Three sets of 12

Advanced: Four sets of 15

Rest Period: 15 seconds between each set and one minute between each circuit

  1. Reverse Lunge

STANDING with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms raised in front of you, step one foot back and lower one knee down to the ground. Now return to start position and repeat on the other side



 2. Sliding Pike


WITH your feet on a towel or set of paper plates and your hands slightly raised off the ground and resting on a surface such as a step, engage your core, left your hips up and slide your feet towards your hands. Return to start and repeat.


  1. Superman With Ball

LIE face down with your arms and legs extended, holding a Pilates ball in front of you. Now engage your core and lift your thighs, chest and the ball off the ground before going back down. Repeat.

Keep your Children Fit