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Sue Beatrice pocket watch art

Pocket Watch Art

Sue Beatrice is an artist with over 30 years of experience. Sue’s artwork covers many specialities, but most of her works have been sculptures using natural, recycled and upcycled elements. She works in a wide range of media including clay, wax, metal, cement, sand, pumpkin, and mixed media and in any scale from micro miniature […]

World Cancer Day- Pink Table Project

This weekend, Saturday 4 February 2017, one of the biggest dinner parties in the world will be taking place. Pink Table Project in collaboration with restaurants across the globe and Zomato will be raising funds and awareness for breast cancer. The Pink Table Project on World Cancer Day is a Global Initiative challenging restaurants in 25 countries to host […]

Legless Woman's Zest For Life

Legless Woman’s Zest For Life

Silke Naun-Bates was elated when her grandparents gave her and her little sister a black Labrador mix as a parting gift after spending the Easter Holidays together. She named the dog Richie and took him everywhere although he wasn’t yet trained. On one of her forays through her hometown of Bochum in northwest Germany, Silke […]

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