Mokgome Mogoba: Dangerous Or Defamed?

Mokgome Mogoba

Mokgome Mogoba is reportedly wanted by Mzansiville to account for his behaviour! The qualified charted accountant who works at Africa’s Largest Mezz Debt Fund, Vantage Capital  was trending on social media on Tuesday 23 August 2016 for all the wrong reasons.

Mokgome Mogoba Facebook post

On Facebook, an account by the name King Bongani Trey King posted a status update with four images of Mokgome Mogoba, who, King claims, uses a fake name, ‘Tumi Selepe’ to prey on beautiful young girls. He shared the following:

Spreading awareness: Especially to the young ladies. He might look immaculate, wealthy and matured, but this guy goes by the name of Tumi111 on Instagram and sometimes changes it to Tumi408. It is said he is trying to ruin the lives of young beautiful women by exploiting his wealth to intimidate them, He rapes, and molest them. He follows more than 3k beautiful young females on Instagram, he will take them to clubs around Braamfontein & Melville to get you drunk and takes you to his place after. He will put you on his car throw you out of his car in the middle of the night and drive off. He drives a white Maserati sports car. He is wanted

Mokgome Mogoba Facebook Comments

Furthermore, rumour has it that a pretty girl infected Mokgome Mogoba with HIV so he is spreading it to other beautiful young woman too. Mokgome is also alleged to have raped a young woman in Port Elizabeth about a week ago. Some women who commented on the Facebook status pieced together similar conversations he had among them while others shared their close encounters with Mokgome Mogoba and claimed he attempted to make them his next victims.

Mbalezinhle shares an experience her cousin had with Mokgome Mogoba

Mbalezinhle shares an experience her cousin had of Mokgome Mogoba

Mbalezinhle Maseko comments about Mokgome Mogoba

Mbalezinhle Maseko comments

Sibongile Lala Tshabalala shares how she escaped from the clutches of Mokgome Mogoba

Sibongile Lala Tshabalala on Mokgome Mogoba

Lebohang King shares a screenshot of her conversation with Mokgome Mogoba

Lebohang King on Mokgome Mogoba

Sanelisiwe Nhlabathi comments on the similarity of their conversations with Mokgome Mogoba and also shares a screenshot.

Sanelisiwe Nhlabathi comments on Mokgome Mogoba

Cthembile Manzini Marcia Mixwell shares a glimpse of a conversation she had with Mokgome Mogoba. He claimed that it was all lies, however, went to deactivate his social media accounts and made his Instagram account private.

Mokgome Mogoba Exposé

Mokgome Mogoba-as-Tumz840-on-Instagram

Is this ‘all lies’ as he claims,  or is it real, in which case it needs urgent police investigation?

*We reached out to Mr Mogoba for a comment but at the time this story was uploaded we had yet to receive a reply. 

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