Barbie With A Penchant For Revolution

BARBIE has made people the world over do some very strange things, particularly those who strive to pursue her likeness. And nowhere more so than in Russia.

Karina Barbie

We’ve reported on countless ladies from the Motherland who have spent oodles on looking like their plastic icon, but we’ve come across one woman who has combined her need to look like Miss Barbra Roberts with a cause that is close to her heart.

Karina Barbie, 27, is the woman with fervour in her belly. She is a principled gal and whilst her struggles may seem silly and fickle to some, she at least has the resolve to see them through. To her it matters not if it’s a personal issue of any kind or one of her fellow denizens in the Federation. Karina is determined to get her way no matter the lengths she needs go to.

Karina Barbie

Barbie was upset about VKontakte, the Russian equivalent to Facebook, in August of this year. The page administrators had changed the interface of the social networking site without consulting its users. We’re all used to people hammering at their government to object to inconsequential rules – often to no avail. We’ve seen protests and riots as attempts to usher in change. In protest, Karina went naked.

She staged a nude protest outside Moscow’s State Duma Building – its parliament, essentially. She was a one-woman
army that wore little save for a pair of panties, high heels and pink gloves. Her topless parade was meant to pressure her government to, well, pressure VKontakte to revert to its previous format.

Karina Barbie

She sported stickers on her bum and breasts that read: ‘Go back to the old design!’ “I went there naked because I wanted to get their attention on the issue. I think it’s terrible that they forced this change on us without asking for the opinion of users. I demand that they
change it back!” she said in an explanation as to why she went naked.

Her fellow Muscovites supported her by posting pictures and videos of her protest on VKontakte’s page. Two users wrote, “We want more boobs and bums!” and, “I preferred the old design too, but I’m not ready to show off my naked body to protest about it.” Her success or failure is yet to be

And to take matters even further, Karina more recently offered her body online for any willing buyer. In her post she said that she is willing
to lie with any man in a ‘night to remember’. It is not as coarse or insidious as it sounds, though. Her condition for an amorous evening is that the buyer pays for the medical treatment of one of her fans.

Karina Barbie

Maria Yunina, 30, is a single mother and suffers from multiple sclerosis. She is in need of around R335 000 to privately treat her condition. Her case is severe, but state doctors have urged her to not go through with treatment – which is why she is opting to see private medical professionals.

Maria has been battling with the disease since she was 14 years old. She has been managing her illness rather well, but her eyesight is deteriorating and she is experiencing a loss of sensation all over her body. Her best bet is to undergo a stem cell transplant in an attempt to regenerate damaged cells and tissue.

Karina Barbie

Enter Barbie, who believes she can use her own body to help Maria. “This is a call for you, dear men! I will spend a night with one of
you, who would save my friend and my fan Maria Yunina. For many of you this amount of money is nothing,” she posted on

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