World Head Injury Awareness Day

World Head Injury Awareness Day

Every year on March 20, the world raises awareness on the number of people who suffer from a mild bumps on their head due to severe head injury.
According to the National Institute For Occupational Health (NIOH), the purpose of World Head Injury Awareness Day is ‘to remind us on how we could reduce accidents and brain injuries if we are mindful. It advocates the correct usage of safety gadgets such as helmets and seat belts, which can prevent damage to the head when one is involved in accident situations’.

3 Main Causes Of Head Injury
According to, these are the main causes, from most common, to least:
1. Motor vehicle, bicycle or vehicle-pedestrian accidents.
2. Falls
3. Violence

Beware Of The Symptoms
Look out for the following physical, sensory and cognitive symptoms of head injuries:
1. Loss of consciousness for a few seconds to a few minutes.
2. Nausea or vomiting
3. Fatigue or drowsiness
4. Dizziness or loss of balance
5. Blurred vision
6. Ringing in the ears
7. Bad taste in the mouth
8. Sensitivity to light or sound
9. Memory or concentration problems
10. Mood changes or mood swings
11. Feeling depressed or anxious

5 Ways To Prevent Head Injuries
1. Always wear a seat belt when in a car.
2. Never drive under the influence off alcohol or drugs.
3. Always wear a helmet while on a bicycle, motorbike or scooter.
4. Hold on to rails on stairways.
5. Use an appropriate child-safety seat.

Did You Know?
• More than five percent of people worldwide get serious brain injury after an accident or as a result of bumping their head.
• Head injury can result in damage to the most important part of the central nervous system, our brain.

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