Pilates At Home

Pilates For The Mind

By Angela Bekiaris “When I work out, my mind is quiet and still. My body moves freely with fluidity. That’s when the magic happens,” says Olga Rosenberg, owner of Olinia Pilates Studio. Pilates is a full-body integration workout, guaranteed to get your body into great shape – and it works wonders on the mind, too. […]

Living With IBS

By Angela Bekiaris If you’re suffering with irritable bowel symptoms, aka IBS, there are ways to get through it. However, remember you should always consult your doctor, especially if a fever develops or if the vomiting, blood or weight loss continues. 1. Eat a nutritious diet, and select all foods carefully. 2. Stop smoking. 3. […]

3 Fantastic Mind-Body Treatments

By Angela Bekiaris There is a long list of mind-body treatments which help people deal with a number of health issues. We share three that you’ve heard of but might not know all that much about, courtesy of 1. Acupressure: Used to treat motion sickness, lower back pain and chronic neck pain, this Asian […]

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