How To Wear Pastels

Pastels are here to stay, so make the most of them! They can truly be worn by everyone, you just need to know how to personalize the colour to your own look.

Pink Off the shoulder Top: R371.03, Bay OneFloral print Skirt: R545.78, Bay OneBlue Sneakers: R549 by Soviet, ZandoPrinted Heels: R599 by Call It Spring, ZandoPink strap Dress: R777.39, Bay OneGreen long sleeve Dress: R1 336.86, Bay OnePink Coat: R1499, H&MPink strappy Heels: R449 by Footwork, ZandoPastel Blue Heels: R799, Madison Shoes


Jeans: R550, Foschini


Silver Boots: R629, H&M


Bodysuit: R299 by Utopia, Zando



H&M: (011) 592-3200

Woolworths: (011) 290-1011

Zando: 0861 192 636

Bay One: Www.Bay.One or (011) 799-5367

Madison: (021) 510-4510

Foschini: (011) 685-1405/0/9

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