Marcus James X Jigsaw

Explore this season’s latest Jigsaw collection and discover prints, chaotically colliding across beautiful silks in contemporary cuts, from dresses to jumpsuits.This season, we commissioned British artist Marcus Jamesto create a set of printed artworks for our spring summer17 womenswear collection, inspired by two mathematical concepts: order and chaos.James tells us the theory behind his thinking in this latest series for Jigsaw.“The main thing is that it was visually striking and we had a visual language that would translate well on t othe garments,” he adds. “We knew the texture of the charcoal and the fluidity of the lines would work really well.”He explains this creation based on two opposing mathematical concepts: order and chaos. Order is a story of balance and beauty, floral hand drawings manipulated by screen printing inspired by chaos theory’s butterfly effect.The chaos print captures energy through continuous unbalanced lines, hand-drawn with charcoal, giving James’s trademark style, it was a natural fit. The butterfly prints have been translated on to dresses, tops, trousers and a jumpsuit.


Jigsaw is available at the Hyde Park Corner and V&AWaterfront Stand Alone Stores as well as Edgars Sandton.

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