5 Skincare Routine Non-Negotiables

LET’S just be real for a minute. If we were really interrogated, we’d all admit to going to bed with our make-up on. Often. You know how it is: you’re tired, it’s late  and you just collapse on the bed, and them BAM! You realise that you haven’t washed your face. Oh, well, it can wait till morning. Or can it?

5 Skincare Routine Non-Negotiables

Thembelihle Lephoko from skincare brand Clere Radiance says that it can’t wait! What? “Leaving your make-up on at bedtime once a month isn’t a huge issue, but when it happens more often it is a problem. Toxins from the day are trapped in your pores, dirt and sebum builds up and before you know it you’re experience premature aging or at the very least mild acne breakouts.”

Lephoko has five more skincare non negotiables to share:

  1. Tone. The general impression is that a toner is only necessary for people with oily skin. Incorrect. If you come into contact with any form of dirt, dust or pollution, which we all do on a daily basis, then you need a toner to assist in cleansing your skin at night. A toner gets into the pores and leaves your skin fresh.
  2. When it comes to SPF application, just remember one thing: you live in Africa! It’s hot. Be aware that driving in the car and walking between buildings means you’re exposed. It’s not just a day on the beach that warrants proper application. Find a product that does a double or even triple job. Lephoko recommends the Clere Radiance BB cream, which is a tinted moisturiser with SPF.
  3. You know that feeling when you step out the shower and forget to apply moisturiser? It feels like your skin is being pulled in 4 different directions when you smile. Well, there’s the proof. Your skin needs help to stay moisturised. Investing in a good moisturiser is vital to keep your skin soft and supple. Clere Radiance offers an Even Tone Moisturiser and an Even Tone Complexion cream. Find which one works for you and stick to it.
  4. So what are the facts about water related to skin health? You skin is made up of cells, and your cells are mostly made up of water. When you’re dehydrated, your skin looks dull and wrinkles and pores can be more evident. Staying hydrated during the day means your skin looks healthier and the cells can function properly. Plus, it’ll aid with keeping your weight stable. Just do it!
  5. Less party, more chill. Did you know that smoking, alcohol and stress can affect your skin? This skincare non-negotiable deals with treating your body right. Take time off to relax, follow an indulgent skincare regime and look after yourself.

Lephoko encourages consumers to visit the Clere Radiance Facebook page and ask any questions you might have relating to skincare and skin health. “We find there are many misconceptions about skincare, and all it takes is an informed skincare professional to set the record straight” says Lephoko.

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