Siv Ngesi and Janez Vermeiren Join Forces For New Travel Show

The presenters team up again as they explore some of the most exciting cities in the world in just 48 hours on new show.

Their chemistry was inevitable on SABC 3’s ‘Man Cave’ and now Siv Ngesi and Janez Vermeiren are starting a new journey as their new show ‘Wingin’ It’ finds a home at M-Net. The show will be joining the channel’s prestigious Sunday evening programming, which will include Carte Blanche and the second season of The Voice South Africa, and will be an interesting travel and lifestyle show that is bound to hook viewers.

On the show, the hosts will travel to exciting locations around the world with no plan, no itinerary and only 48 hours to see, taste and experience everything the location has to offer. It’s a fast-paced plunge into the world’s most fascinating and eclectic destinations seen through the eyes of two diverse and intrinsically competitive best buddies. “These heartthrobs certainly don’t visit the world’s run-of-the-mill travel brochure type of hot spots and tourist attractions,” says M-Net’s Head of Publicity, Lani Lombard. “They land in cities you might never have thought of exploring, or even heard of, but which may just, after you’ve seen their mischievous adventures, end up on your bucket list. It’s a great-fun-filled show that will put a smile on your face – and awaken the explorer in you.”

On the show, Siv and Janez will pack their bags to find out more about the cultural elements of lands far and wide, feast on an array of delicacies and tackle interesting activities –like getting a good scrub down in a Turkish bath in Istanbul, arm-wrestling with Olympic Champions in Baku, bumping into David Beckham in Bangkok and rubbing shoulders with Sumo giants in Tokyo. The presenters have already travelled and explored places such as Baku, Ho Chi Minh City, Bogota, La Paz, Kathmandu, Istanbul, Bangkok, Tokyo, Mexico City, Havana and Reunion Island and will give viewers an inside look at what they can expect at these incredibly interesting cities.

‘Wingin’ It’ is produced by the production company Cheeky Media and will be on M-Net 101 from 29 January, Sundays at 17:00.

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