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Dionne Warwick wants Oscar

Dionne Warwick wants Oscar
Dionne Warwick
Dionne Warwick would “sincerely” like to be in the running for an Oscar, Emmy and Tony one day.

Dionne Warwick would love to win an Oscar.

The 71-year-old star is one of the most successful singers in music history, with hits such as Walk On By and I Say a Little Prayer. She has won a series of Grammy awards for her music, but admits there are still other accolades she dreams of taking home. Dionne harbours a desire to be recognised for her acting talents on the big screen, television or theatre stage.

“Yes – and I do say this sincerely – there are three awards that I would at least like to have a chance at: the Oscar, the Emmy and the Tony,” she told British newspaper The Guardian when asked if there is anything else she wants to achieve. “Although not necessarily in that order.”

Dionne’s five Grammy awards are proudly displayed in her home. She is thrilled that the music industry has chosen to honour her achievements.

“They're on a shelf. But I don't call them awards, I call them rewards,” she explained. “It's nice to be appreciated for the things that I've done.”

As well as being a critically-acclaimed singer, Dionne is also an expert in the kitchen.

She is looking forward to rustling up a series of festive dishes for Christmas next month, and will be entertaining a staggering 100 guests.

The star admits that preparing a feast for so many people can be “quite” stressful.

“I certainly am [a good cook]! I do a Christmas dinner for 100 people every year,” she revealed. “Oh, it's not only turkey. The tradition in our family is that every meat, every pastry, every bread and every vegetable that has been eaten during the course of the year in my home is what we eat for Christmas.

“It is quite [stressful]. But it gets done.” © Cover Media

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