Training With Hlubi Mboya

Training With Hlubi Mboya
Hlubi Mboya
Actress Hlubi Mboya is on a mission – a mission to get fit, strong and absolutely toned. After spending some time with her at Virgin Active gym in Randburg recently, we realised….

Mission Accomplished! She’s looking fabulous, and now we know how!

Do you follow a specific diet and exercise regime?
Yes, I work with my personal trainer four to five days a week for 90 minutes. We mix up cardio, spinning, Pilates, weights and functional training.

You recently participated in the Body Beautiful competition. Tell us about it.
I learnt a lot about myself. I am now hungry to do better each time. I also now need to work more on my lower body.

What is your favourite body part?
My abs. “She’s a genetic freak in that area,” adds her trainer Michael McDonald.

Is fitness a huge part of your life – and why the sudden change to start training so hard?
In March I turned 34 and decided that it was time to get fit and start competing.

Do you have cheat days?
Yes, twice a week – I love pizza. I am also a pastry girl – I love Danish croissants, spring rolls, doughnuts, samoosas. That’s my weakness. I try stay away from bread and pasta.

Do you weigh yourself? And do you think the scale is important?
I weight myself once a week. I believe the mirror is important – you could weigh something you don’t look.

Do you have a fitness secret you want to share?
You are what you eat! Do something you enjoy and find the discipline. Abs are made in the kitchen!

How important is image to you?
It’s everything – especially in this industry. You have to make a lasting impression.

Do you ever wake up not wanting to train?
I have good and bad days but I force myself to go to gym and then gym makes it all better.

Have you stopped drinking alcohol and has your social life changed since you became a fitness freak?
I don’t drink as much – now that I’m so fit I can’t. I try stick to whiskey – no beer, no cocktails, no shooters. I also try meet up with friends on cheat days.

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